Crafting Digitial Learning Journeys – Experience & Expertise


Welcome to my online portfolio! I’m Paul, an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in adult education across diverse global contexts.

In navigating the dynamic landscape of adult education, I’ve successfully merged my passion for creating effective learning experiences with the challenges presented by our evolving digital environment, particularly in response to the recent global changes.

My journey has taken me to various corners of the world, from China and Russia to Latin America, where I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds as students, colleagues, Subject Matter Experts, and friends.

This rich exposure has finely tuned my ability to identify skills gaps and leverage the expertise of diverse stakeholders.

Armed with a MicroMasters in Instructional Design and Technology, I’ve transitioned my expertise as a face-to-face course developer at institutions like Mayflower College and the Chinese Test Pilot School into the digital realm. This transition allows me to blend years of hands-on experience with a passion for crafting digital assets that elevate the learning journey.

Feel free to connect with me to explore how I can assist you in realizing your training needs. For a detailed overview of my skills and experience, you can refer to the summary below or look at my attached CV.

Let’s collaborate to enhance your learning experiences!


“Paul is an outstanding teacher, rater and mentor…”

Barbara Bíro

Aviation English Examiner


  • MicroMasters in Instructional Design & Technology
  • MA Language Testing (Distinction)
  • Diploma in Language Teaching to Adults 
  • Preparing to Teach in the Life-Long Learning Sector


  • E-learning courses for professionals
  • Face to face course design for language instruction
  • Online language instruction courses
  • Language test design
  • Teacher training / mentoring
  • Assessment / Test design

Technical Skills

  • Articulate Rise / Storyline 360
  • MS Office / Google Docs
  • Adobe XD / Illustrator / Photoshop / Audition
  • Video / Audio asset creation (Final Cut / Audacity)
  • AI-assisted course creation
  • Programming (Javascript / PHP / xAPI)
  • Statistical analysis (SPSS / Facets)


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